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Ajay Raykwar
Ajay Raykwar (Director)

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Hello guys, I'm the Ajay Raykwar Director and Founder of this Blog. From Uttar Pradesh, India. 

I am a fan of Reading, Writing, and Web Development. I’m also interested in Blogging

And here I will share knowledgeable content for you. If you have any questions or queries, please Contact Us By Clicking HereYou Can Also Follow me on Instagram.

Team Members of this Blog,

Currently, we have two members in our blog team, the first one is Ajay Raykwar (DIRECTOR) and the second one is Anushka Sharma (ACTING DIRECTOR). We are constantly working and changing ourselves over time, trying to make this blog big and useful.

About - AskTechMan

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I started this blog in December 2019 as Part-time. Basically, I will share information on this blog. Like the Internet, Technology, Gadget review, Making money online, Blogging, How-to ideas, and many more types of topics that you found in this blog.

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