How to Celebrate Holi Festival 2020

How to Celebrate Holi Festival 2020 -  A Girl Celebrate with Colors of holi Festival
Everyone wants to know how to celebrate the Holi festival in 2020 and there are ideas to celebrate the Holi festival with friends. Here's the guide, how to celebrate Holi Festival in 2020.

How Was Holi Celebrated in India

Long ago, Holi was celebrated in India with natural colors. Which were made from leaves and flowers and they are not harmful to our skin at all.
But as our era changed, in the same change our festivals also changed And the result of this change was that people started adulterating everything in the greed for more profit.
Now in this changed era, the colors of Holi are no longer the colors that our forefathers left for us. In the lure of more benefits, people started mixing chemicals in colors and playing with our health.
The most excited people were found in the villages for the festival of Holi and they celebrated Holi with great pomp. People started preparing for Holi several days in advance and fuel was collected from every house for Holika Dahan.
Now you must be wondering what is Holika Dahan So for your information, tell us that this is a ritual that every Indian plays because Holi does not begin without Holika Dahan.

For more information about: Holika Dahan

When the fuel was collected in the villages, all the villagers burnt Holika together, which means Holika Dahan. After Holika Dahan, everyone used to burn a small fire and green wheat plant in the same fire and take it to their house.
After doing all this, the preparations people had done long ago like buying colors, buying sweets, making good dishes, etc. After all these things, it is the turn of celebration and everybody celebrates it.
Everyone celebrates the festival of Holi in the village, which increases their brotherhood.
On the day of the Holi festival, everyone forgets their battles and enjoys the Holi festival together. People share sweets among themselves and enjoy the festival of Holi by applying color.
How to Celebrate holi festival 2020 - Holika Dahan

Holika Dahan

The Holika (burning wood) symbol of hate and injustice melts, and the symbol of love and joy, Prahlad (bliss).
How to Celebrate holi festival 2020 - Narasimha(Prahlada Katha)

Narasimha(Prahlada Katha)

When Lord Vishnu becoming Narasimha appeared from the pillar and killed Hiranyakashipu

How to Celebrate Holi Festival in A Good Way

  • How to Celebrate Holi Festival in A Good Way - A girl with colors of holi festival
  • How to Celebrate Holi Festival in 2020 - Girl excited by holi festival colors

On the day of the Holi festival, we should use most of the natural colors so that we and the one we are applying color should not have any kind of skin problem.
Natural color You can make flowers by drying them at home and grinding them finely. Natural colors are not only more fragrant but also beneficial for our skin.
On the day of the Holi festival, do not put any chemical colors on you, it should be kept in mind and to avoid this, you should wear full clothes.
If you are suffering from any kind of allergy then applying a mask on the day of the Holi festival can be beneficial for you.
On the day of Holi festival, you should take special care of your hair and no one should put color on your hair, to protect it, a cap should be put on the head.
We should not force anyone to celebrate the Holi festival or apply color. Holi festival should never be treated with cheap Chinese colors as far as possible to use natural colors.
On the day of the Holi festival, first, apply oil on your body or apply a moisturizer so that no color will be applied to you quickly And the colors will be removed easily.

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