Best Sensitivity for Pubg Mobile 2020

Finding the best sensitivity is the most important part of PUBG Mobile 2020. What is the best sensitivity and How do you find the best sensitivity for Pubg Mobile?

Yes, what is going on ladies and gentlemen, my name is Ajay, welcome to another pubg mobile article that is the best sensitivity for the pubg mobile 2020. I have a lot of questions about pubg mobile sensitivity and how I use it for pubg mobile and how can I control my sensitivity and all the good stuff.
Best Sensitivity for Pubg Mobile 2020
I think the time has come to respond early and most importantly about pubg mobile sensitivity. Before we go ahead and go to the training ground, I will show you how to get your right sensitivity in the training mode of pubg mobile.

Go to Your Training Mode of Pubg Mobile and Find Your Best Sensitivity 2020.

Go to the ground, you had to find out that all these people do not like who know to shoot you and die instead. So let's go ahead and load up. I'll be back with you in a minute. All the right people. So we loaded up.

Find Perfect red dot sensitivity in PUBG Mobile 2020 

We decided to go with an M416 which is probably the most used assault rifle and then we have one.
M24 is also I want to show you guys that some of you know how scopes effect, but basically, guys here the deal is thrown on a quick draw so you can get those 40 rounds and we're a little red. Going to start with dot action.

The goal here is whether you can fire in full auto and still maintain control, which we are trying to use and as you can see the red dot is making a lot of balance in the center mass And you can only do this for 50-60 meters.

Download Here, The premium sensitivity for all devices.

 Download Here, The premium sensitivity for all devices.

Here you know the same general area in full auto as too much firepower, sometimes you find it very scary. Of course, you can know that you can make it a lot more accurate in the correct form, but it will show you red dot controls to iterate over people and your assault rifle will go full auto mode.

Find Perfect 3X sensitivity in PUBG Mobile 2020 

So again we will catch the 3X scope in Pubg Mobile, now go even further and as you can see we are very much aimed into the center mass, there are a lot of shots that go full-auto. There is a way out. We can also use 4X. The scope of time that we will throw in there and then people will remember that it is completely m416 so 100 meters out. Very decent shrink control.

It's not right about throwing us at them six times from the M24, but it's also not completely ineffective through a 6x with an M24. What about these same sensitivity settings with a sniper rifle? You will be able to switch correctly. In the 6x back you can zoom in and it is very accurate that there is no wild sensitivity or anything like that with my m24, so this is something you can work on for the first time for assault rifle, and this sniper rifles Also works for.

What's the best sensitivity for you in PUBG Mobile

What's the best sensitivity for you in PUBG Mobile
So this is something that should definitely be missed because you guys are tweaking the sensitivity so let's get to the meat and potatoes of what sensitivity I'm using and how you can find that in Pubg Mobile 2020 What is best for you.

Now this is where it strips into your settings becomes necessary you want to go in go down to sensitivity and again customize is what you're looking for I like to start with a medium overall sensitivity and tweak from there right.

So what you're going to see is the first section here is the camera sensitivity your free look this is essentially looking around like this how sensitive is your camera when you look around you know for me the default was pretty much good to go.

I don't need to see any fast or slow. Some people don't like to speed. This way you can do full 360 degrees, So when you spin you will swipe your thumb from left to right or if your claws swipe your finger however you play but you know I can spin as far as I need to if I do you know have to swipe twice it's okay I'm pretty much comfortable with it.

So after coming back to sensitivity, your camera is when you know that you are looking for a way that you can see with a scope what you are moving around with that camera, no scope, red There is no difference between point, 2X, 3X, 4X, 6X, and 8X third-person and first-person and again you want to be able to spin a little faster.

I think of the third person more than the first because at the first bit of disorientation you get the seashore which is said to notice the values ​​properly. It's like that when you scorch now So how fast you look around, let's look at the next part below. Sensitivity in the 80s Sensitivity in the 80s means aim down sight (A.D.S) so that the sight Sites sensitivity decreases.

This essentially means that it is poorly described here as to how much you can control your repetition while the fire button is activated, while it is essentially depressing as to what you are seeing when you zoom in. There is sensitivity now. The scope is right now that the sensitivity of the 80s is now sharper means you can control it more but it is not necessarily in it.

Download Here, The premium sensitivity for all devices.

 Download Here, The premium sensitivity for all devices.

The best thing in the world is that if we go down to our 80s sensitivity and we hold our 4X, check it out and now it's 26% of what we like Jack to be up to 104 percent of us will go ahead and zoom in again. It is not 104 percent when looking around because it is similar to.

Always but now let's go ahead and try to see how you can fire, that means I'm too crazy to try to control it, so this 80s sensibility again yeah it's bad That's what you want to do for each area when you go, dial forward and right find a target.

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There is something that is a reasonable range for that particular optics, let's go ahead and meet here at a distance of 90 meters. It's something I want to fire outright and then it's almost impossible to control.
Find best sensitivity for pubg mobile in 2020
So we know immediately that there is a lot of sensitivity in this way, so we go that we want to go to the sensitivity of the 80s and for the scope of time we see that we set it at 104 percent. Look below as a% and see if it's any better then we'll zoom in and fire at 90 and we're pulling down. It is better but we cannot control the actual repetition.

It's going to raise much much higher than we can control, So what you want to do is kind of set it to a point where picture this right you've got your device you've got your finger on the trigger.

Now you're gonna be pulling that down towards the bottom of the screen and you want to make sure that you can get off an entire magazine of rounds so 40 bullets before your thumb get to the bottom of that screen.

Download Here, The premium sensitivity for all devices.

 Download Here, The premium sensitivity for all devices.
You want to feel the recoil you want to feel it climbing up against where you're pulling down because you want that resistance you want to be able to keep it at head level while you're firing.

So let's go ahead and adjust once again remember we were at 28% before I'm gonna get close to that and we will dial in say 22% now let's go ahead zoom in 90 not bad except for I was struggling to keep it down a little bit.

So let's go back in the sensitivity we'll go down to the 4x and this is going to bump up a little bit more I had it set at 28 we'll go ahead go back to 28 and we'll take a look at what this did for our sensitivity.

This is different for every single scope out there the 2X is going to be different right let's go for a little bit closer target 50 meters here and as you can see that is a lot of next shots right there on that person you know that target.

Let's go ahead and fire headshots, I mean you guys can see the damage inflicted right there on that target that's a lot of headshots lotta headshots so again if you go into the sensitivity. We can check out the to time scope and as you can see it's a heck of a lot higher than 28% it's set at 40 well what happens again if we bump it up to 56 when you zoom in again it has nothing to do with looking around.

Download Here, The premium sensitivity for all devices.

 Download Here, The premium sensitivity for all devices.
You can still fire even you know simile Otto and you're fine the problem is when you go full auto mode, I mean maybe you want that type of like violence on your controls. But I want to fight it a little bit more and you know what that actually wasn't super hard to control so what I might do is instead of 56 we had it on 40 before I might split the difference there and do something like 46 right there.

We'll see how that treats us so we'll go in and I actually kind of like that so zoom me out the distance you can see it's still you know still very controllable that is how you dial in each and every one of your scopes and this is gonna be done while zoomed in and you want to just kind of.

Make sure that when you spray I mean literally you can snap target to target and just absolutely white people out if and only if you have the right sensitivity set so that is how I do my sensitivity guys let's go ahead drop in to a quick arcade mode.

Here is my sensitivity you also use this and also watch my YouTube Videos Click Here.

Best Sensitivity for Pubg Mobile 2020 - Camera

Best Sensitivity for Pubg Mobile 2020 - ADS

Best Sensitivity for Pubg Mobile 2020 - Gyroscope

Download Here, The premium sensitivity for all devices.

 Download Here, The premium sensitivity for all devices.
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